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TLC Treatment Center’s parent program is Transitional Living Communities, Inc that has been in business since 1992. TLC Treatment Center was started in 2012 in order to start providing much needed clinical and medical services to the local community and the residents at the long-standing Transitional Living Communities. However, TLC Treatment Center understands that not everyone is ready to engage or even needing clinical services. In the case of someone that is looking for housing services only without adjunct treatment, Transitional Living Communities has approximately 800 beds spread across the Valley of The Sun to serve the community. This program is peer run, work-based without formal clinical services. 

In some unique cases, a client can be a resident of the Transitional Living Communities housing program while attending the TLC Treatment Center treatment services. Essentially, these clients get the best of both worlds- they have the ability to gain coping skills through clinical services while engaging in the essential and therapeutic experience of a peer-based program. 

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