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Psychiatric & Medical Services

TLC Treatment Center prides itself in being to offer well-rounded services to every client that walks through their doors. Besides addressing mental, emotional and spiritual needs, we want to make sure that each client is taking care of their psychiatric and medical needs. TLC Treatment Center has strong working relationships with local Integrated Clinics to meet the psychiatric and medical needs of their clients. All coordination of care is handled directly with the team so that seamless care is provided. TLC Treatment Center provides transportation to these visits and ensures all medications are delivered and managed through the center. 

In addition to these prescribing and referral services, TLC Treatment Center offers on-site nursing and self-administration of medication services to all clients. This ensures that each client gets the medical care and attention they need. This helps each client learn about their medical needs and empowers them to be accountable in relationship to their appointments, medications and follow-up visits needed. We truly believe that recovery is not a one or two dimensional – it encompasses the entire person: mind, body and spirit. 



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