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Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization provides a structured program of outpatient psychiatric services as an alternative to inpatient psychiatric care. It's more intense than care you get in a doctor's or therapist's office. You get this treatment during the day, and you don't have to stay overnight.


Intensive Outpatient

is a structured non-residential psychological treatment program which addresses mental health disorders and substance use disorders (SUDs) that do not require detoxification through a combination of group-based psychotherapyindividual psychotherapy, family counseling, educational groups, and strategies for encouraging motivation and engagement in treatment



Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one type of psychotherapy in which a trained professional helps a single person work through personal issues they have been facing. It is an effective treatment for a variety of emotional difficulties and mental illnesses


Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which one or more therapists treat a group of clients together as a group.


Psychiatric & Medical 

Psychological treatment is the specific purview of trained mental health professionals and incorporates diverse theories and techniques for producing healthy and adaptive change in an individual's actions, thoughts, and feelings.Medical treatment includes Using prescription medications, or use of a non-prescription drug at prescription strength.


Case Management

 Case management is a professional and collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet an individual's health needs.


On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is offered to incoming clients that is highly conducive to their treatment goals.



Housing Services Only

If you are looking for housing services only without adjunct treatment, Transitional Living Communities. TLC has approximately 800 beds spread across the Greater Phoenix area to serve the community. This program is peer run, work-based without formal clinical services.

Services Provided

We have individualized treatment programs for alcohol and other substances. We offer different options that accommodate each individual client. These options include 30, 60, and 90 day programs. We use specific protocols for drug and alcohol addiction, co-occurring disorders, and more. All options engage the client in a transformative process based on the principles of a sucessful recovery, and are grounded in evidence based treatment. An individualized treatment plan considers all of the parts that need to be worked through for lasting recovery. The road to recovery has many components, with each one tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. Creating a solid plan with counselors and addiction professionals is essential for the health of the individual and their recovery, as well as their loved ones who want to support their healing.



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