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Opiod Epidemic

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Opioid Epidemic

I read that in Franklin County, Ohio, so many addicts are dying from Fentanyl overdoses that County officials are considering opening a second morgue to accommodate the victims until their bodies can be processed. One day during the past month, ten addicts died from what officials believe to be Fentanyl. It seems that addicts are buying so-called heroin or other drugs that dealers lace with Fentanyl to increase drug sales. And one of the problems, of course, is that addicts under-estimate their tolerance to drugs while hoping to get the maximum rush. I recall when I was using over 30 years ago that when a lot of overdoses occurred everyone began seeking out the dealer because they wanted the strongest dope possible. They didn't think an overdose would happen to them - or maybe they simply didn't care. Since June of 2017, there were over 4000 opioid deaths in Arizona. Check the following link to see the statistical breakdown. prevention/opioid-prevention/index.php. Yet treatment in our State meets a lot of resistance from the public. An example is that citizens want more stringent laws dealing with homes and facilities that offer services to addicts, a group that is protected by the Fair Housing Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and the Rehabilitation Act. If the disability were from diabetes, cancer, heart disease or another ailment one would never hear a peep from the public. In fact, they likely would strongly support it. But try to help an addict get clean and sober and there's an uproar in the community and legislative bodies. As an addict and alcoholic who's been clean 29 years- and a treatment program operator - I know that the so-called "war on drugs" has failed miserably. Yet the go-to solution with most of the public is to look upon addicts and alcoholics as morally corrupt and to resist the efforts of those who try to help them. Their best ideas include punishment and discrimination. Put them in jail and get them out of our neighborhoods. And how has that worked? Click here to email John John Schwary, Recovery Connections

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